Month-wise Machine Learning and AI Conference deadlines in 2022

Publishing a research paper is a crucial part of research in academia. Based on the subject or research domain and the nature of an article, we aim to publish our findings at a conference or a journal like ACM or IEEE Transactions (journal home example link).

Thus, it is important to be aware of the important conference deadlines in your research area of interest.

In this article …

We briefly describe the two most common article types submitted to a conference and then provide month-wise article submission deadlines for top-tier conferences in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Information Retrieval.

Journals have no submission deadline and therefore, you can submit to them throughout the year.

However, the journals sometimes organize “Special Issues” which have fixed dates for submission. You can visit the journal’s homepage and search whether there are any upcoming special issues that you can submit.

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Common Article Types submitted to a Conference

There can be different types of research articles that you can submit to a conference:

Long paper

Complete research article with clear novelty and rigorous experimentation. It is usually 10 pages long, including references in ACM double-column format. The page limit is clearly mentioned in the “Call for Papers” section of the conference website. It can vary based on the article template like ACM, IEEE, or ACL.

Short Paper

One novel or interesting idea is accompanied by an initial set of results. While in the case of long papers, we expect a detailed “Methodology” section and an “Ablation Analysis or Extended Experiments” section, in the case of short papers, it is not generally expected.

However, the “Motivation”, and “Problem Statement” sections should be well-defined with a novel proposed Methodology

For general information regarding other article types that can be submitted to a conference, please visit this sample conference “Call for Papers” webpage

To know the most upcoming conference deadlines, please follow @_ConferenceList on Twitter.

Please go through the additional references I have provided at the end of this article to know more.

Month-wise Conferences deadlines

This will mostly cover the conferences in the domain of :

NLP (Natural Language Processing), AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), DL(Deep Learning), IR(Information Retrieval)

I will cover International conferences and National conferences in India month-wise. There are different metrics or categories of conference venues, which I will try to cover in a later article.

There is another growing set of data challenges or data competitions hosted as part of a workshop or even by these international conferences like ACL and EMNLP among others. I have covered them in detail covering diverse domains like online social media, acoustics, and health in this separate article here.

International (links are available on WikiCFP)


February: KDD, ACM Web Science

March: ACL

April: ASONAM, CSCW, SocInfo, ACM HyperText

May: RecSys, CIKM, CoNLL, NeurIPS, EMNLP


July: CSoNet

August: WSDM, FAT* (now called FAccT)

September: AAAI, ICWSM 2nd call



December: NAACL-HLT


If you wish to get updates regarding national conferences in this domain, do check it once a month and I may have updated it.


January: CODS-COMAD – I attended the 2020 conference in person and published the notes covering different tutorials, and keynote talks, and selected conference paper presentations in another article.

December: Big Data Analytics (BDA) conference, International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON)

For receiving updates about upcoming conference deadlines

  1. List of conferences in the field of Machine Learning, NLP, Speech/Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, and Data Mining
  2. On Twitter, follow @_ConferenceList to get regular updates about upcoming conferences. They also have Twitter Lists covering specific domains.
  3. The CORE ranking is a standard metric for understanding the quality of a given Computer Science conference.

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In another article, I summarized the keynote talks, a few tutorials, and paper presentations of the CODS-COMAD 2020 conference which I attended in person in Bangalore, India in January 2020.

If you are new to writing papers using Latex for academic conferences, you can visit the following articles:

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