What is Brand Personality, Online Reputation Monitoring, Consumer Psychology – Post 1

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Here, we start to discuss this field of consumer psychology and brand marketing from my perspective (a computational or computer science field). We try to visit the following relevant questions in this and my future articles.

Specifically, we discuss the notion of brand personality, a subpart of an organization’s brand image, from the content creators and brand manager’s angle.

Summary of Articles to follow …

We will later discuss the recent machine learning approaches that are used in domain of consumer psychology and brand management. We also discuss how related it is to the standard Natural Language Processing tasks like sentiment analysis, affect modeling, and personality detection.

Important FAQs

Question 1 : Is it limited to a company. Do the company employees or an individual possess it.

Apart from companies, the employees, as well as individuals holding a position of responsibility, may have it. The following ICWSM 2016 [2] paper analyzes user-generated content from Twitter and employee reviews from Glassdoor.

Question 2 : Is it a new thing or an old concept in a new bottle. What has changed recently. Why is now an interesting time to study it.

No, it is an old field. More popular, is Online Reputation Monitoring, which deals with the user-generated content created by the different stakeholders like company representatives, company employees or even the consumers. With the rise of use of social media, these stakeholders share their experiences and provide reviews in different social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram (consumer reviews), LinkedIn (company representatives reviews or testimonials), Glassdoor (employee reviews).

Question 3 : Do we encounter it in our everyday activities. If yes, then where.

With the recent advent of digital marketing and the prevalence of social media, companies are facing difficulting in monitoring the consumer’s perception about them. Usually, we know a company based on its products.

Question 4 : Are there any definitions or formalizations for it.

Like the Big Five Human Personality traits (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism), we call this brand personality of a company. There are formalizations – some divide into 5 dimensions while some into 12 dimensions.

Today, we will discuss Aaker’s formalization [3] into five dimensions – sincerity, excitement, competence, ruggedness and sophistication.

Slides from ACM WebSci 2019 [1] presentation


  1. Roy et al. Understanding Brand Consistency from Web content, ACM WebSci 2019. Read the ‘Related Works’ section. Most recent work in this domain
  2. Xu et al. Predicting Perceived Brand Personality with Social Media, ICWSM 2016
  3. Jennifer L Aaker. 1997. Dimensions of brand personality. Journal of marketing research (1997), 347–356

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