Ten ways to sharpen your Soft Skills as a grad student

In part 3 of the “Research for All” initiative, we will cover how to sharpen your soft skills related to the day-to-day activity as a grad student, research scholar, or even a research aspirant! Specifically, you will learn about: How to deliver technical talks and the importance of local reading groups Internal and external collaboration, … Read more

How I had secured a research associate position during my Ph.D. in India and moved to Germany?

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Research internships provide intensive exposure to reach academia. They may play a crucial role in making the tough decision of whether or not to pursue a career in research, particularly pursuing a Ph.D. degree. Looking back, I realize that my first internship at IIT Kharagpur for my Bachelor’s played a significant role. The selection process … Read more

What is Brand Personality, Online Reputation Monitoring, Consumer Psychology

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In the era of digital marketing, it is becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to position their brand uniquely and differentiate from competitive product lines. In order to achieve that, organizations target a set of humanlike qualities (or a personality) across all their marketing campaigns. This is known as brand personality. For example, Red Bull portrays … Read more

How to follow a top-tier Computer Science conference

Attending and presenting your work at a conference is one of the major highlights of the journey to becoming an independent researcher. Be it a national or an international venue, conferences allow you to present your work before a large audience. The journey from a research project idea to paper acceptance and finally oral or … Read more

Bibliographic Citations and Cross-referencing in Latex

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While writing an academic paper in Latex, you will definitely need to learn to use references for linking different sections of your paper like subsections, tables, or figures, or for citing an external resource like a paper, website, or codebase. In Latex, there are broadly three types of references: bibliographic citations, cross-references, and keyword shortcuts. … Read more

Technical presentation and Google Slides examples

Presenting your research work or weekly progress to a large audience or your supervisor is an important skill to learn. Google slides (googleslides) have been a go-to nowadays for technical presentations. Studying real-world examples of technical presentations is a great practical way to learn! Whether you create in Powerpoint or Google Slides (googleslides), practical tips … Read more

Writing papers using Latex – Part 2

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After you have gone through the gruesome as well as the exciting task of completing your experiments and getting somewhat positive results for your research publication(maybe even your first). The next step is to prepare it for paper submission at a conference or journal. By now, you should have a working Latex environment and the … Read more