Computer Science Research News – August 2019

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Here, we first mention the upcoming conference submission deadlines. You can get the complete list of conference deadlines throughout the year in my another blogpost. We outline all the news update regarding research competitions and NLP resources I can across in the month of August 2019

Upcoming Conference Deadlines

Please note that the dates are w.r.t the Full paper final submission dates. For most of them, you have to do an Abstract submission at least 1 week before this date. This is a mandatory process of paper registration.

Suppose, you have done the “Abstract submission”, but could not get the paper ready within the “Full paper submission”, it is OKAY. 🙂

Try submitting in the next deadline and keep on working on the paper and improving it further.

  1. AAAI 2020: 6th September 2019
  2. ICWSM 2020 (2nd Full paper deadline): 15th September 2019
  3. ICLR 2020: 25th September 2019
  4. AISTATS 2020: 9th October 2019
  5. ECIR 2020: 1st October 2019
  6. WWW 2020: 14th October 2019

August 2019 Research News update

  1. 26th August: The usefulness of journal-keeping throughout your research process. Article link
  2. 24th August: KDD 2019 notes, more aligned towards health informatics.
  3. 23rd August: A Competition on Multi-lingual Scene Text Localization (MSTL) is being organized in line with “The International Conference on Frontiers in Computing and Systems (COMSYS-2020)“. Last date of registration: August 30, 2019; Date: January 13-15, 2020; Venue: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, West Bengal, India
  4. 22nd August: ACL 2019 notes. It is a top-tier Computer Science conference in the field of NLP, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  5. 16th August: Some great tips for balancing your professional and personal life. Article link
  6. 13th August: An innovative MedTech startup, NexRea providing Augmented Reality solutions for sales and repairing services, specifically for medical equipment. Article link
  7. 13th August: – Contains searchable interface of computer vision datasets (total 351 till now). It even covers datasets from top computer vision conferences like CVPR.
  8. 3rd August: FIRE-Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation 2019 introduces new task HASOC (Hate Speech and Offensive Content Identification in Indo-European Languages); Submission deadline: 22nd Aug 2019

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