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Here, we cover the different ways to learn about the important topics and themes of discussion in the top-tier conferences in your domain. Whatever, I mention below is primarily based on my experience in Computer Science(CS) conferences. However, they are general enough, to prove useful for other domains as well.

I had earlier covered in a separate blog, the list of top computer science conferences month-wise, for the research domains of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval.

1. Workshops and tutorials slides

I found these presentations an easy-to-understand resource for understanding the overall breadth of a field you are new to or an emerging field. I will try to provide a list of such resources, which I found mostly from Twitter :

  1. Tips and tricks for effective Ph.D. by Dr. Renata Borovica-Gajic
  2. Machine Learning and Modeling for Social Networks by Olivia Woolley Meza, Izabela Moise, Nino Antulov-Fatulin, Lloyd Sanders
  3. Frontiers of Natural Language Processing by Sebastian Ruder, Herman Kamper, Panellists, Leaders in NLP, Everyone

2. Video lectures of oral presentations and Youtube are two primary resources

SlidesLive has a decent library of interesting conference talks (including some of ICLR talks)

3. Conference Proceedings

Use DBLP, Google Scholar to get the proceedings of the conferences. It provides an overview of the primary themes and topics of discussion.

4. Working notes

After the conference is over, within a few days, look out for student notes or some other attendee to the conference. A good habit is to follow the graduate students and faculty of reputed institutions on Twitter. Choosing people from the same domain as your research interest helps a lot.

  1. ICLR 2019 notes by David Abel

If you want to add anything interesting, please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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