Ten ways to sharpen your Soft Skills as a grad student

In part 3 of the “Research for All” initiative, we will cover how to sharpen your soft skills related to the day-to-day activity as a grad student, research scholar, or even a research aspirant! Specifically, you will learn about: How to deliver technical talks and the importance of local reading groups Internal and external collaboration, … Read more

How I had secured a research associate position during my Ph.D. in India and moved to Germany?

germany flag in front of building

Research internships provide intensive exposure to reach academia. They may play a crucial role in making the tough decision of whether or not to pursue a career in research, particularly pursuing a Ph.D. degree. Looking back, I realize that my first internship at IIT Kharagpur for my Bachelor’s played a significant role. The selection process … Read more

Short notes of CODS-COMAD 2020

cods comad 2020 poster

Article summary CODS-COMAD 2020 took place from January 5 to 7, 2020 in the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India. The tutorial slides and the keynote talks were the main highlights of the conference. The proceedings is now available online in the ACM Digital Library at the following link. Below, I mention the rough notes … Read more

Daily Reads of September 2018

Paper : An Empirical Evaluation of doc2vec with Practical Insights into Document Embedding Generation [Paper][doc2vec paper]. [27/09/2018] A good exploration might be to vist DeepDive datasets and application.[25/09/2018] Datasets pertaining to India is available at Machine Learning India.[25/09/2018] MIT Technology Review’s topic on Intelligent Machines post interesting articles from time to time[24/09/2018] Google’s AutoML – … Read more

Daily Reads of August 2018

CommonCrawl archive contains 3.4 billion web pages and 270+ TiB of uncompressed content, crawled between February 17th and Feb 26th.[11/09/2018] CORE ranking of Computer Science conferences [26/08/2018] What is ablation study in Deep Learning. Read this answer on Quora [15/08/2018] Read this Quora answer on Preparing Resume for a Data Science position [06/08/2018]

Daily Reads of July 2018

You can go through my answers given on Quora If you are starting to write your first research paper and are seriously struggling, you can follow this self-help series by Prof. Jari Saramäki. I found it very useful and am still going through it. [22/07/2018] List of upcoming AI Conference deadlines in the field of : Machine Learning,  Computer … Read more

Exploratory Analysis using R

This is a good post on making visualisations with pandas data frame in Python. It covers uni-variate plots like histograms, line plots, density plots and multivariate plots like correlation plot matrix and scatter-plot matrix. Before diving into feature engineering and data cleaning, it is a good idea to have a good understanding of the data. … Read more

Datasets to start with – Part 1

In this article, we compile a list of datasets and codebases of recent papers or even diverse domains which I have come across. I usually have stumbled upon them during the literature survey for one of my works and the most recent ones from Twitter mostly. I have covered a list of data challenge competitions … Read more