Daily Reads of August 2018

  1. CommonCrawl archive contains 3.4 billion web pages and 270+ TiB of uncompressed content, crawled between February 17th and Feb 26th.[11/09/2018]
  2. CORE ranking of Computer Science conferences [26/08/2018]
  3. What is ablation study in Deep Learning. Read this answer on Quora [15/08/2018]
  4. Read this Quora answer on Preparing Resume for a Data Science position [06/08/2018]


Hello everyone. I am Soumyadeep. I have been working on Machine learning projects for the last 4 years. I am now pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science Department at IIT Kharagpur. I recently completed M.S (Research) from the same department in November, 2019. My research interests involve applying Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning to solve Online Reputation Monitoring and Consumer Health Search problems.

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