MS (Research) Experience at IIT Kharagpur – Part 1

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This is Part-1 of a series of blog posts, which I plan to write about my MS (Research) journey at IIT Kharagpur, India. I will first start with putting together the different resources regarding the Academic Rules and Regulations, you need to know as a student.

In this article, I will provide the complete details of all the administrative procedures and guidelines that is required throughout the course of pursuing MS Research degree. For Ph.D rules or any other Academic Regulation details, please visit APNA IIT Kharagpur’s Rules and Regulations section and Academic section (Academic PG)

Summary of future articles that will follow …

I sincerely hope will prove useful to future or current research scholars pursuing MS (Research). This will acts a guidebook, providing more clarity and a better understanding of the Departmental and Institute’s rules and regulations, which believe me, may be pretty daunting. I will also cover in detail, how to navigate through your ERP profile, apply for Institute as well as Industry Travel Grants, process to claim reimbursements and how to easily transition through the different stages of your MS degree:

  1. MS or Ph.D Admission (Available at ERP homepage. Login credentials not required)
  2. Coursework Assignment
  3. Enrollment
  4. Mid and End-sem examinations
  5. Semester Registration,
  6. Change of Coursework
  7. Comprehensive Viva-voce
  8. First Seminar
  9. Second Seminar
  10. Synopsis Seminar
  11. Thesis Submission
  12. MS Thesis Defense


These facts are based on my experience during my MS research tenure, and may change over time. I advise you to first approach your Office of the respective departments, and enquire about the requirements and various formalities that needs to completed and submitted by the student. However, for any detailed interpretation of the rules, kindly enquire with the PGSRS section well-in-advance.

MS General Rules and Guidelines

You should understand the details of the following MS rules published by the Institute [Download link].


I would love your comments and get feedback from you. You can expect one post per month from my end for this series of articles.


  1. APNA IIT Kharagpur


Hello everyone. I am Soumyadeep. I have been working on Machine learning projects for the last 4 years. I am now pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science Department at IIT Kharagpur. I recently completed M.S (Research) from the same department in November, 2019. My research interests involve applying Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning to solve Online Reputation Monitoring and Consumer Health Search problems.

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