How to follow a top-tier Computer Science conference

Attending and presenting your work at a conference is one of the major highlights of the journey to becoming an independent researcher. Be it a national or an international venue, conferences allow you to present your work before a large audience. The journey from a research project idea to paper acceptance and finally oral or … Read more

My experience with Smart India Hackathon 2017


In this article, I will cover the details and structure of the 1st edition of the Smart India Hackathon (SIH) in the year, 2017. I will also share my personal experience being part of a team and performing in the onsite regionals at Sri Krishna Engineering College, Coimbatore, India. I was a member of the … Read more

AI and ML Datasets to start with – Part 2

Datasets form the basis of the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Over the last few years, model-centric AI has shifted from model-centric to data-centric AI. Supervised learning depends heavily on labeled data (i.e., features with ground-truth labels), where a mapping function is learned between the features and labels. In unsupervised learning, we depend … Read more

How to build an end-to-end Data Science project from scratch

This article covers the five technologies required for building an end-to-end data science, artificial intelligence, or machine learning project from scratch. They are defining a problem statement, identifying the competing solutions, conducting a literature survey, identifying research gaps with possible Proof-of-concept, and finally, the practical utility of the solution. Welcome. I hope you are now … Read more

Must-read Machine learning and data science books for post-graduate courses

Photo credit: danielfoster437 Library Books via photopin (license) Regarding post-graduate coursework offered in IITs, I have compiled a list of books that are usually referred to. Advanced Algorithms Foundations of Algorithms, Jones and Bartlett. [Site] Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos [PDF] Social Computing : Networks, Crowds, and Markets – Easley and Kleinberg [PDF] Mining … Read more

Bibliographic Citations and Cross-referencing in Latex

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While writing an academic paper in Latex, you will definitely need to learn to use references for linking different sections of your paper like subsections, tables, or figures, or for citing an external resource like a paper, website, or codebase. In Latex, there are broadly three types of references: bibliographic citations, cross-references, and keyword shortcuts. … Read more

Month-wise Machine Learning and AI Conference deadlines in 2022

Publishing a research paper is a crucial part of research in academia. Based on the subject or research domain and the nature of an article, we aim to publish our findings at a conference or a journal like ACM or IEEE Transactions (journal home example link). Thus, knowing the important conference deadlines in your research … Read more

Technical presentation and Google Slides examples

Presenting your research work or weekly progress to a large audience or your supervisor is an important skill to learn. Google slides (googleslides) have been a go-to nowadays for technical presentations. Studying real-world examples of technical presentations is a great practical way to learn! Whether you create in Powerpoint or Google Slides (googleslides), practical tips … Read more