Top 10 Python packages for mastering Data Science

The significance of learning Python for Data Science Python has turned out to be one of the commonly used programming languages for Machine Learning as well as in Data Science in general. It has become even more prominent after the rise of Deep Learning and use of GPUs. Python boasts of robust and widely used … Read more

Python for Natural Language Processing with Pandas and NLTK

Python is the most popular programming language for Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Its compact nature along with an enormous collection of packages like pandas, nltk, and deep learning frameworks like Pytorch, and Tensorflow, have made it a go-to language for data science enthusiasts and programming newbies, in general. The corresponding IPython notebook … Read more

Datasets to start with – Part 1

In this article, we compile a list of datasets and codebases of recent papers or even diverse domains which I have come across. I usually have stumbled upon them during the literature survey for one of my works and the most recent ones from Twitter mostly. I have covered a list of data challenge competitions … Read more

Starting with R (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Last updated on 20th October, 2019 Article summary Here, we first talk about the R programming language, followed by the installation steps for getting started with R and its IDE – RStudio. What is R? R is an useful language to learn for Data Science. I generally use it while exploring the data and the … Read more

How to prepare a technical presentation with googleslides

Presenting your research work or weekly progress to a large audience or your supervisor is an important skill to learn. Google slides (googleslides) have been a go-to for delivering a technical presentation nowadays.  This article will cover a step-by-step method that I use to prepare the first draft of my technical presentations in a short … Read more