Does own implementation of a published paper sufficient?

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In my opinion, if it’s the sole contribution or novelty of the paper you are planning to publish, then I do not think it is sufficient for a new, separate publication.

You may make a technical report on it and upload it on arXiv. But, if you want to publish, then I think you have to do some more analysis and perform experiments to make the novelty of the paper significant.

Reproducibility Track at ECIR conference

You can also implement a set of related papers, possibly benchmark models on common datasets and compare their results and provide inferences. Some conferences like ECIR (European Conference on Information Retrieval) have started a “Reproducibility Track” specifically for such studies.

ECIR also strongly encourages the submission of reproducibility papers that repeat and analyze prior work.

In particular we solicit classical reproducibility papers, which replicate prior experiments and show how, why, and when the methods work (or not).

There are two common types of reproducibility papers:

Generalizability papers focus on assessing how well technology performs in new contexts (e.g., different time, location, access device, task), and

Predictability papers focus on developing theory and methods that assess and evaluate how generalizable methods are and whether they will work in other contexts.

ECIR website, Call for papers section

This is my answer on Quora to the question “Can we publish a paper on the implementation of an already published paper (implemented on a different platform)?

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