Daily Reads of October 2018

  1. An interesting news article on how the future of Healthcare look with AI.[26/10/2018]
  2. Check out the article covering a recent review of the Neural History of NLP. [23/10/2018]
  3. GoogleAI Research introduces FluidAnnotation which makes image annotations faster and easier.  Previously, an annotator used to carefully click on the boundaries to outline each object in the image, which is tedious. This makes it easier to annotate object boundaries. [Demo][Article][23/10/2018]
  4. Follow the projects of the following MIT Media Lab research groups[17/10/2018] :
    • Scalable cooperation – Re-imagining human cooperation in the age of social media and artificial intelligence
    • Civic media – Creating technology for social change
  5. Transfer Learning explained.  Some recent papers summarised in this blog at Medium. [17/10/2018]
  6. FastText – Learning high quality word representations in 157 languages [arXiv][Page] [17/10/2018]

What is your take on this topic?